Coleen – 23 September, 2013

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The last time I got a mortgage and used a broker I said never again! But through the experience with Mustapha Maynard it’s totally changed my thinking. The process was seamless, efficient and easy! Mustapha did all the work and got me an excellent interest rate! Thank you so much for all you’ve done! I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to renew or start a new mortgage. You’re the best!!!!

Chen & Vivian – 29 August, 2013

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We are so glad to have Mr. Maynard as my mortgage broker. He was referred to us by one of my friend. By then I was told he is the best broker my friends ever has. Now I would happy to tell any of my friends who are shopping for a mortgage the same thing with full confidence.

Not mentioning the great rate, Mr Maynard also provide us a super quick approval and a full disclosure regarding all the pros and cons regarding the mortgage product. He will even reinburse all the minor changes associated with the bank approval process. I highly recommend Mr. Maynard, especially for the new comers, like myself. It won’t hurt to shop around, however I believe you will eventually find out the best mortgage product with him.

Thank you very much.

Karen Crouse – 25 May, 2013

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Mr. Maynard provided me with excellent service. During my divorce, when trying to secure my mortgage independently, the financial institution I was with, when married, would not give me the time of day.. even though I had been a great customer for many, many years and always paid my bills on time. Mustapha brokered a deal with a mortgage company that “didn’t know me from Adam” and advised me at a later date, when interest rates came down, that it would be beneficial for me to refinance. He has saved me $$$$ and allowed me to keep my home. It is my former financial institutions loss, as I have been paying independently for almost 6 years and still have never been late on a payment. I owe “Moose” a debt of gratitude for keeping me in my home; he worked tirelessly, on my behalf.

Lindsay Labour – 7 May, 2013

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Everyone says buying a home is a stressful experience, I beg to differ. I had Mustapha Maynard as my mortgage broker, and I can truly say, it was a wonderful- stress free experience. He worked hard to get us what we want, was available whenever needed, and answered any questions we had on the spot! I would highly recommended him to any first time, or 2nd,3rd etc,buyers. He was a wonderful broker and we look forward to working with him in the future

Caitlin – 21 March, 2013

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When we were looking to purchase our first home, we didn’t know where to begin. Mustapha guided us through options that we didn’t even know were available. He shopped around, finding us the best rate with the bank that most suited our needs. Not only did he help us with the financial aspects, but he also referred us to a real estate agent to help us find our first home. It was clear that he was truly invested in trying to find the best option that most suited our needs and lifestyle. In my opinion, the quality of service that Mustapha provided went above and beyond the service required by a mortgage planner. I would, therefore, recommend his services to anyone, without hesitation. You really have helped us out so much and we really do appreciate everything you’ve done!

Joel – 9 February, 2013

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My wife & I had been looking at houses for months and when we found our forever home our bank decided to take a break. A week had passed and no response! Within 2 hours Mustapha had us approved at a rate 0.80% less than prime! We are now the proud owners of our dream home.

Lorna J – 10 December, 2012

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Without the assistance of Mustapha and his team, my family and I would still be in an apartment. From the first call to Mortgage Architects to the final signing of the papers they were with me every step of the way. Words cannot express my gratitude towards the entire team… Thanks, Lorna

Barry – 6 November, 2012

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Barry and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us .As first time home owners,you made the experience painless. We appreciate all your hard work and knowledge you shared with us. Mustapha,thanks again.