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Syndicated Mortgage Investment Opportunity

How It Works

Your investment participates in the financing of a real estate project by way of a syndicated mortgage. In the same way that a bank holds a mortgage on your property in order to secure their loan, You, the investor, hold a mortgage on the property as security for your investment. Syndicated mortgages allow you to have direct collateral for your investment and ongoing returns from the interest earned by the mortgage. Syndicated mortgages provide investors with the ability to earn higher returns with

What exactly is a syndicated mortgage?

A Syndicated Mortgage,  allows several small investors to combine their resources to fund large-scale real estate projects via a Mortgage Instrument. This is a contractual agreement between you (the lender) and the borrower (developer).  It has a defined term with a fixed interest rate and a charge against the property.

Your mortgage investment has a charge against the land and the building.   Every investor has their full base amount registered in their favor with a charge against the property as collateral.

  • Syndicated Mortgages will be subordinated to construction financing.
  • While there are no shares or units that fluctuate in value, like mutual funds or segregated funds,
    it is important to note that the underlying real estate value can fluctuate.
  • A Syndicated Mortgage allows you to use your Registered Funds in your RRSPs, LIRA, RRIFs, RESPs
    and other such plans to invest.
  • A Syndicated Mortgage allows you to mitigate risks by including an asset backed by real estate.
  • Syndicated Mortgages have been around for decades, but has typically been reserved for wealthy investors
    and financial institutions.
  • Syndicated Mortgages have been utilized to finance large-scale development projects in most major cities across Canada.

It is only in the past few years that Syndicated Mortgages has become available to the broad base of investors, and as a result, more and more Canadians are investing in this type of investment vehicle.

Syndicated Mortgages are secured by:

•    Underlying real estate
•    Allows you to grow your wealth with security and peace of mind
•    Allows you to earn up to 12% interest per annum

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